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About Us

Every day, overwhelming stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other conditions impact students' lives. Many are too scared to get help and often do not even know that what they experience are symptoms of common, treatable mental illnesses. That's where MINDS of Auburn Hills, Michigan, comes in. With our thorough curriculum, we provide innovative mental health education to help students understand how such disorders work and how they can be successfully managed. From symptoms to treatment options, students walk away with a better understanding of mental health.

For a more engaging lesson, we take a hands-on approach by providing an anatomical model to show just how various conditions directly influence the brain. Other interactive activities allow students to participate during the seminars. These seminars are usually held in health classes, which are required by the state of Michigan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can increase awareness for mental wellness in your class.

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Our Vision Statement

MINDS envisions a community where adolescents and young adults are not left to fend for themselves when it comes to mental health issues. We hope for a community where citizens receive mental health information in a timely manner and are educated about mental health issues. Our team believes in open communication regarding mental illnesses to help de-stigmatize these disorders, thus initiating a new age where society accepts mental illnesses for what they truly are: a treatable physical disorder.

Our Mission Statement

MINDS is an awareness program whose mission is to educate the community about mental health issues. Through awareness and education MINDS will start a dialogue about mental illnesses, thereby helping to de-stigmatize these disorders so that people may get the help that is readily available. Since many mental illnesses start to present themselves in the teens or early twenties, our primary focus is on teenagers and young adults.