MINDS: SHINING LIGHT ON MENTAL HEALTH is an awareness program that aims at educating young people about mental illness.

To achieve this goal, MINDS conducts seminars in high schools throughout Michigan. The seminars are free to local schools. The MINDS Program brings awareness to the subject of mental illness and also helps to de-stigmatize the disorders. By removing the stigma of mental illness, people then feel more comfortable in seeking the help that is readily available. During each seminar the students are given two brochures. One brochure describes the symptoms of mental illness, while the other provides a guide to local, state and national help lines, referral agencies, organizations and other services.

MINDS uses a highly engaging format to inform young people about mental illness and reduce the stigmatizing attitudes that lurk as obstacles to effective treatment. The program content is completely up-to-date and the presentations are easily disseminated within community schools. Furthermore, the extent of MINDS' commitment to accountability, continual program improvement, and the evaluation of outcomes is impressive! I enthusiastically recommend the MINDS Programs.

- Cheryl King, Ph.D., Chief Psychologist, Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology, The University of Michigan

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